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Colin's View

February 8 2012
Colin Abercrombie

The independence debate has really kicked off in recent weeks, with the
politicians commencing their posturing and rhetoric. We appear to have
just over two years to get a handle on the facts behind such a major
change to our nation's identity and potential future, about a third of
the time we spend preparing for an Olympic games!

The future of our country, within or outwith the union, is dependent on
the business community at home and the reaction by international
business.  Business creates wealth, without wealth we have no
economic future.

The reaction by 'business' to date has been somewhat muted. It is almost
as if many are not sure what to make of this. Yet this referendum is
either the single biggest opportunity, or the single biggest threat, to
our national economy since World War II.  We in business had better make
an assessment of the situation quickly, or risk being carried along
in the tide of political self-interest. Where do you stand?

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